Fee Guide

At Herongate Dental Surgery, we are committed to providing you with the best possible standards of treatment and care. We pride ourselves on spending time with our patients, so you will never be in doubt regarding your treatment options, care and costs.

Why not give yourself the treatment you deserve?

The fee guide below is a guide to our fees, when you come in for a full examination you will be provided with a detailed quotation outlining any proposed treatment and costs.

Our fees reflect not just our expertise and the quality of the materials and equipment we use, but also the skill of the laboratories that fabricate our work as well as the time we spend with our patients.



New patient oral and dental health examination using the sixteen point principle. £60.00
Regular Oral and Dental Health Examination, using the sixteen point principle £43.50
Full mouth cleaning and plaque control session (at time of examination) £36.00
Extended Periodontal treatment session with the dentist £67.00
Panoramic X-Ray £39.50
Small digital X Ray (each) From £18.00
Hygienist Appointment £49.00

Tooth Whitening From £225.00

Silver Fillings
Small £60.00
Medium £80.00
Large £100.00

White Fillings
Small £85.00
Medium £105.00
Large £120.00

Fissure Sealants £30.00

Root Canal Fillings (Including all necessary X-rays)
Front Tooth £180.00
Premolar Tooth £200.00
Molar Tooth £220.00

Crowns and Veneers
White Crowns £540.00
Gold Crowns £500.00
All Porcelain Crowns £550.00
Porcelain Veneers £550.00
Bridges (per unit) – Retainer £540.00
Bridges (per unit) – Pontic £525.00
Teeth Straightening
Single Arch £2,000.00
Both Arches £2,800.00

Dental Implants
Straumann Dental Implant including final restoration (single tooth) From £2,500.00
Multiple Implants (fully restored) POA
Acrylic Denture From £440.00
Chrome Denture From £595.00
Surgical Services
Planned Extraction From £120.00
Surgical Extraction From £170.00

Snoring Consultation £30.00

Straumann / Six Month Smiles